Wifi has become a very popular technology that millions of people use on a daily basis. Many households with internet access and that keep up with the latest technology will have wifi installed. There is demand for wifi deals as people are looking to install wifi to access the net via their smartphones when at home or work. Wifi is the protocol/technology which your smartphone or tablet will use to connect to a router which needs to be connected to the internet to give you access to the web. The advantage of having wifi over traditional cabling, is that it’s wireless, so you can move around with your tablet, laptop or smartphone without any physical cable plugged in constantly.

Many smartphones are built with wifi capabality, and once wifi has been turned on via the phone, the smartphone owner can see any wifi enabled networks nearby, usually about 5-10 metres away. People who have wifi internet installed at home usually will use that via their smartphone to access the internet, in an effort to avoid data charges from their phone provider, however their home internet will then use data.

It’s important to note that just because there is a wifi enabled router or device that can be seen via a smartphone, this simply means that access between the phone and the router is possible. We have created this website so that people can learn more about wifi and for those looking to install wifi with internet access in their home. Wifi is really useful for those who move around the house with their smartphone and can be a great addition to any household with members who use smartphones and tablets. There are several internet providers who will offer wifi deals that include a router and internet access in South Africa.