Wifi has changed the way people access the internet, and business is no different. In the past businesses would have to wire their entire buildings with network cables in order to give different workstations internet access.

The amount of people that will use wifi in a business could help when determining which router and internet speed to go with initially. Most of the time a consultant from the service provider will be able to provide a deal based on knowing what the internet will be used for and the amount of users that will make use of the connect. Once more information is provided, they may be able to assist the business in terms of what speed might be appropriate and the type of wifi router that will be able to handle a certain amount of users.

Since the introduction of wifi, many businesses have switched over to wifi, especially newer office spaces. The major advantage of wifi over traditional wiring, is that it’s wireless. Wifi however has a certain range and so it might not be entirely practical for large buildings, in this situation businesses will usually stick with the old fashion method.

Companies which install internet services will usually have people who can recommend whether or not a business should go for wifi, depending on the needs of the business. As more people use wifi via their smartphones, when a business installs internet access, it may seem logical to opt-in for a wifi capable router.


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